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To Spring From You Divine is a celebration of Earth’s tempers, a collision of ecology and mythology, an exploration of being a body amongst other bodies. Keeble’s words and Lavergne’s photography create a sort of arpeggiated story where gloss and flower meet with startling adjectives and the greenest nouns in consonance. There is symbiosis where the agony of ‘spring as a feminist parting its lips’ meets with an image of a softly hydra-faced woman and a clutch of flowers. The story fixes around a dark core; the pages blacken: ‘Are these stars? / No, they are holes shot through with voice’. Persephone, protagonist and sometimes captive to an Underworld, is raised to the light where Lavergne’s dark-matter metamorphosises to tulips. This is the fever dream of two artists giddy with love of form and void, dirt and metaphor. There is magic in their complicity – this is a poet with a camera and a photographer with a quill. To spring from you divine is an artwork as a cycle, a looping of seasons that carry myth like a seed: 

The wheatfields are swinging and I begin again. 


-Elizabeth Morton


To Spring From You Divine is a collaborative poetry/photography project from Aimée Keeble and Karolina Lavergne, inspired by the Persephone myth. Aimée and Karolina found each other in a serendipitous space somewhere between the internet and America, and created this piece in the "exquisite corpse" fashion. The result is a quiet, feminist interpretation of an ancient love story.

$25 each / color print, perfect bound

© Editions QuorumQuorum Publishing 2021

© Aimée Keeble and Karolina Lavergne

ISBN 978-1-7378400-0-8

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